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man, aged forty-four, had suffered for a considerable time,

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washings a strong infusion of coffee should be injected into the bowel.

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had been sued for that, he hardly thought this Society would be liable, and it seemed

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food given to them renders the admixture of poison easy, and as many persons

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ment carries with it well-deserved commendations for

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The signs to which aortic aneurism gives rise depend, in part, upon

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of suitable treatment, decline in the course of weeks and months. Even com-

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long, elliptic, dark reddish in color, and have a thick, resisting envelope; they

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realized the unity of nature and that the departments of natural

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will not be much influenced by it, so long as the other

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failing vision, which increased. He had stopped smoking and

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taken through a gastrostomy wound to prevent extreme

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sence of any symptoms which could have led to the supposition that the great

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would place extreme heat at the head of the destruc-

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Peter S. Greenmeyer, died at his home in Orrville, Ohio, Sep-

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3. The Range of Osteoplasty as an Aid in the Conservative Surgery of

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In fact it is now in daily and constant use, and is as regularly indented for as

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the bowels need not be employed for twenty-four or even forty-eight hours.

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The dissemination of tuberculosis by infected milk has

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On ophthalmoscopic examination the veins of the fundus oculi

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to a true anti-enzyme. The same inhibiting action was exerted by

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or in rejectingits right to such honourable position.

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tion of anatomic features with physiologic function of the part.

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taken from a clinical condition, and transferred to the lesion which, according

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clusive : in two instances, mother and daughter suffered from

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pain over the left side of the head and face ; pain was so severe that at

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sitory cedema of the face, hands, and feet may appear, and in

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are less fiill ; but the overfilling of the veins obstructs the flow of blood

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The fourth section treats of " the Organs of Support in

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mucus. When the gall-bladder is compressed, bile is ejected

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Mercurius is indicated, if the affection be of syphilitic origin ; the J^-

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pathologist. Hence it is that a certain degree of uncertainty surrounds the

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a mountain-path, his people following him in single file, when he hap-

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with his report, and it is quite favorable. He is now in charge of the

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