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committee in charge consists of Drs. Charles A. Oliver, William
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3 p. 1., 219 pp., 3 pi. 12°. Bristol, J. Wright 4-
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suppuration appears, the most persistent believer being Pryor of
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suture, and the abdomen was closed without drainage. The
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arrival, the relapses, both in dysentery and fever, were extremely
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fle.xion of the column would bring on pressure symp-
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glycogen is formed from the sugar which arrives in the liver. Hence,
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In the obstinate forms of gonorrhoeal talalgia this treatment produces rapid
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the most common in the granular kidney. The albuminuria of
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blains ; the nails get thin and curved, and long from retraction of the skin
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survives, it may leave a troublesome inflammation to disturb
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For intra-uterine cauterization, he uses the nitrate of silver in a caustic
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off by the formation of a plug, the pus may flow backwards into the tribu-
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(1) Case of Laryngeal Infiltration for Diagnosis . . ... ... Ill
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stantiate what is here advanced, that one is led to believe that it is
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oi pleurisy y and may persist long after that disease hasdiisappeared.
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Failure to find the l^oeflHer bacillus, however, does not
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[Gr ^;r<c testide -4-0ff^fyroc sponge.] Afhngous
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sule was freely divided quite up to the margin of the
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of Experiments II and III we would interpret as due principally to the
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profound investigation, and the researches only corroborated
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therefore, it becomes us, as critics, to give a full summary of
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large scar tissue and devoid of danger. It is good practice to use
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the theory which points to the renal cell as the true
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fever of one or two days to the most severe and fatal heat prostrations.
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ingly soluble in water. Strongly heated, it is converted into the
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it in proportion to the existing degree of torpor in
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may easily deceive himself through his hopeful disposition, and
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neck and extremities, till finally the entire body, except the face, is
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I began to make diligent search in regard to it, and found that in our country
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ten. She continues in excellent health. ] There is still a point of gran-
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1899 MoRisox, Rutherford, 14, Saville Row, Xewcastle-on-Tyne. Trans. 1.
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Attempts have been made to shut off entirely the dis-
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mercurial treatment, furthermore, may cause a temporary disappear-
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Will the employment of the bath obviate the danger of pyaemia?