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1712. We have thought that much comfort and advantage

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in consequence of the powerful effect possessed by this acid in destroy-

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Dr. Beatty" and tho.-e of Drs. Churchill, M'Clintock, d Atthill, e and

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tuberculous infection has occurred, the absence of rigidity may

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Dr. Formad has found it necessary to retract what he said

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autopsy having been made, it would have been better, he

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are those, mainly, perhaps it should be said wholly,

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new science and technology are an astonishment. If we

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quite as much as, if not more than, on the sound side, notwithstanding

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Etiology of Dengue Fever.— Chandler and Rice (A^n. Jour. Trop.

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is three stories in height, close to St. John's Church, and. within a stone's

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ceptor is lacking, the complement is free to act upon the hemolytic

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Case 4, Table II. A.— K. R. Large right intra-ligamentous

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tervals of from three to four months. These attacks

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newly formed blood-vessels does not occur until the sixth day, and

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about twelve years ago [3], but cannot find that Professor Dreschfeld

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pubic region ; however, ordered — from the wound downwards and

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90. On the Therapeutical Use of the Laoto-PhosphaU of Lime. Dr. B. W.

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hours). Muir deduces from his experiments that physos-

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forming, hot fomentations must be used freely and incision made as soon

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from the posterior third of the sclera. Two sutures

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No vote was reached to-day, but it is clear, from the temper of the

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total of 19 counties visited. The same general plan of evening ad-

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Charles O'H. Laughinghouse, M.D., Greenville, N. C.

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used must of necessity he of an efficient antiseptic, and,

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For a long time the opinion of Sir Benjamin Brodie,

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In the animals showing the acute type of renal impairment the

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above the umbilicus. For ligation, we use two non-absorbable ligatures