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culosis spread to the vesiculae seminales and the neck of the bladder.
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depends at best upon a series of observations of these characters
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2. Robertson, O. H.: Jour. Exper. Med., 1917, 26, 221.
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Paul Paquin's Vaporizer.— A new vaporizer for use in all throat and
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nasal catarrh, I saw the watery secretions from the back of the nose pour-
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were nearly the same, of course their medical histories would
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hands of the Profession the welcome it received from the
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liable than the one preceding or following it. Thus, Measles is
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throughout the whole course. When one realizes how widely the secre-
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does in the other form of the disease. Although blood letting
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butoconazole miconazole clotrimazole 𶟴ioconazole)
range of application of the electric current to disease, none will cer-
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pends much or mostly on yourself". It is therefore a matter first in or-
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marked in the former, but this would not be sufficient
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inches; length of tail, 3} inches; greatest circumference of body, 3} inches; circnmferraoe
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tion of which had certainly long preceded tne external manifestations, haye had
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ever will be compiled; and that even if so compiled, the result would be
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Farina Gruel. — Heat a sufficient quantity of water, and
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Dr. Elliston said that his first pleasant duty as presi-
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tinual communication, were simultaneously seized with
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be such as will secure the largest amount of nutriment Avhich can be taken
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But these arguments were scarcely listened to. The bill
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culation. Semmer found the micro-organism in the blood
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taking the pills for a few days and then to begin again, being
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Prince, coupled with the indications of intense need of sleep
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We may classify cases of scarlet fever as: (1) Mild cases,
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Maryland, met in the hall of the Young Men's Christian
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nuclears are increased. Nothing abnormal is found in the urine,
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such a program as proposed by Senator Murray and his
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Erythema intertrigo is very frequently observed in corpulent
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separated and brought into contact with a substance in itself
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gation does not remove disease, but should be used occasionally
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characterized by recurrent attacks of mild acute inflamma-
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from the first molars forward. The position of these teeth
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of the lymph follicles of both hemolymph and ordinary lymphatic nodes, and
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By the exaggeration of any one or two of these three
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exploded — gravitation, for example, or chemical affinities.
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In addition to the other facts mentioned respecting their characters, it may
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