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to such a purpose is an affair beyond all trick and all skill of
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during or after death, are not adherent to the parietes, are soft
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of the heart excited, both pulse and respiration quickened. Sensory centers
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drug, have a marked tendency to ulcers of the parts especially exposed,
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tions on the genitalia with caustics, but rather consider all such cases
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Sixty-second Annual Meeting, held at Bristol, July ji
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distended by gas. The intestines and stomach are oftentimes di-
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1896, 216-224.— Hlay (C. M.) A report of six cases of
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Suicides are also more frequent, and what is worse, it is
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sional persons, and occasionally this may be true. That
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in those cases where the disease was complicated by a
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than duct-borne. Persistent inflammation of contiguous structures may
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own observation, in which the symptoms from noxious animal food came*
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intestinal tract that such examinations of the faeces are required.
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fetal heart ; but, in these and the remaining cases, we may generally
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due either to the yielding of the muscular and ligamentous
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The principal poisons used for rats are barium carbonate, strychnin,
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that the doctors were anxious to bring every one under
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the apparent weak-mindedness so often following on mania proves to be
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nature, which is very typical of the disease. The respiratory
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on the skin. It is almost certain that during the period of pyrexia the virus
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. its external use in all cases in which the brain is particularly
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Prognosis. — The mortality varies in different epidemics
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affords aU the phenomena of disease. It is not easy to determine which
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seven times in our last series). Sometimes cavities are partly
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I should be loth to give the impression that I recommended
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ner Zeit luit ambubitoi iscbcn (Jipsverbanden behandelt
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part, and often infections are concerned. Xo specific microorganism,
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and surgeon than " Appendicitis in Children." The term
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patient was free from trouble with her breathing until the time
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Hygienic Treatment. — ^The room occupied by a scarlatinous patient
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of a bladder filled with ice to the umbilical region, continued for two
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superficial ulcer, or kind of longitudinal crevice, just within the
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of employing friction for precisely the same purpose. He
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organisms are most numerous, and that the hydrochloric acid,