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Continue treatment; opii et plumbi acet. to be added.

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when infiltration or even extensive excavation is present. The char-

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profession. Essays, reports of cases, and correspondence

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the powder being given every two hours in the inter-

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tion. 9. The bladder is always infected by the way of the

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preference to tincture of Cantharldes by those in whom a burn or scald is

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derate their violence when they were too powerful. The basis of

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previous. She had diphtheria at five, typhoid at fifteen years,

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posteriorly were demonstrable. On the following day

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(2) Pigs fed liberally upon foods composed chiefly of corn will con-

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be a visil?le impulse in the third or fourth interspaces as far to the right

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but in the other 7 the bacilli were present. Only 3 of

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regurgitation and hemiplegia, one; and aortic regurgitation, one.

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tells of the activity of the members and of its earnest

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across the diameter of the vessel, and tied with a reef-knot ;

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Increase of secretion can never be consequential to loss of ac-

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The fact that cases of prurigo were frequently attended

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leg, foot, etc. In this part also is given a comprehensive treatise upon dis-

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them is simply inflammatory ; while in diphtheria, the hue is deeper.

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4.— Bread and Fruit in High Blood-pressure, Dropsy,

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with that care which is everywhere thought desirable,

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vessels (Besnier), but the experience of most observers does not confirm

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cumstances, it is apparent to every one that this pro-

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slight sensibility. The patient was massaged, and a warm bottle was

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removed if possible to the Municipal Hospital. School inspections have

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pel, It often grits beneath the blade, and yields a particular sound

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Stephenson, England; Henry Applcton, England; William Andereou,

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tions, similar to that now so successfully carried on bj' the medical

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cision and by Ligature of the Axillary Vein and Sub-

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into various chapters such as allergy, cardiovascular dis-

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in which iritis appeared, although no mercury had been given.

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According to Grandidier, of 334 cases of bleeding in

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The importance of combined toxic action has been already recognised,


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•obliged to swallow all the time, and even causes an inclination to vomit.

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6. Many encysted growths contain hair and teeth. The hair is

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ceftain proportion of cases it is a source of great distress. The i)assnge

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continued until morning : that when he awoke felt free from pain,

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ourselves that the alleged recoveries, many as they were, were by no

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menting sensation of thirst. And another patient, a very sensible

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two apparently opposite modes of cure demand a fuller experimental

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5. Inspection. — Some symptoms are observed by inspection

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