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feld). Other secondary inflammatory processes occur; but these will be

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position of the patient, and a tympanitic note may change in pitch with

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(0.0162—0.0216) to be repeated at intervals of about eight hours. To

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.great susceptibility to pain which attends these cases will not admit of

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value : (1) a yellowish-hroivn discoloration^ the so-called " malarial com-

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at least destroyed. Inasmuch as inorganic acids not only are not de-

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only to the poor patients, but to the surgeons and all those

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ysm, the temperature becomes subnormal (about 97° F..; 36° C). The

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dered must have the element of freshness. Canned peaches

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for adults and 64° to 88° for children), for five to ten minutes, and re-

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and more to appreciate the importance of diet. Surely forty

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tism had about exhausted the pharmacopoeia, and rheumatic

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doctors, and they have all been distinguished men. Walter

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and one was saved. He regards this procedure as a decided enrich-

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to something he breathes when in the storage-battery room.

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form of the Scotch douche, which consists of alternating streams of

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tinct. Hemic murmurs may be audible. The nervous derangements

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does not agree with Hovey in the main, but does agree in

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a profusion of general practice. The Episcopal was a fine

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rational treatment of his own ills and the prolongation of his

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spinal cord contains an excitory and moderating system, which, accord-

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poison, fatal for a guinea-pig weighing three hundred grams. One cu-

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exercise gently in the open air during seasons of favorable weather.

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fatal termination. In a study of 100 cases H. M. King found the most