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first he had been, like many others, inclined to believe that such

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do not appreciably modify the color of the urine. Rosanilin, when adminb-

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Smith — Dr. Beck — Financial embarrassments of the College —


ble. When the circulation becomes much obstructed in a hernia it is

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only at the moment of its secretion and is not to be found in the gland

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varying quantities. These urinary findings may last for from several days

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A strong subjective factor enters into every therapeutic ordinance

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of the surrounding atmosphere which raises the temperature of the

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internal organs. It improves the depth and character of the respira-

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and presents itself to their uses in the nascent state. It is eas}' to

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of the skin. The cause of this disease is unknown, but when it

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readily appreciable by the tests in ordinary use must be classed as a sign of

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form a very large class of remedies; but those suggested are in

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gout is not uncommon among the temperate descendants of a gouty

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hydrates it will be advisable to permit their use. The mere fact of a

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the form of bread) can be added to the food without giving rise to

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still incomplete ; since it appeared, from the report

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mild form of toxaemic nephritb is often produced, and the cloudy swelling,

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The three most common varieties are the tape worm, the thread or

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heart, with symptoms of paralysis of the organ. This serious affec-

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vious stay at a terrain resort. In winter or in unfavorable weather

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heavy rains and surface water, and the overflow found its way back

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the outgrowths of new bone around the articular surface ; and lastly

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skin gradually open wider, the sudorific glands are stimulated by

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creatic diabetes can no longer be doubted, although it may still be

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Hereditary diabetes is less influenced by treatment and runs a

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other is not, the seat of friction when these textures are inflamed and

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the injury to the textures of the joints has been ascribed to the ab-

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The cream of tartar lemonade is a useful and cooling drink. The

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joint. Among certain patients, the attack is immediately preceded

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mechanism of hysterical polyuria, and why may a cannula inserted in the

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acute rheumatism. He gave as much as two drachms dissolved in

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