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A man, aged fifty-one years, of alcoholic habits, had been at the

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forceps, it acts as a band around a marble the two ends of which

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In the larger percentage of cases I found the malignant cells extend-

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Mr. Shattock also exhibited microscopic sections of

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constituting ophthalmoplegia interna or externa, and, when both are affected,

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entered into the spirit of his subject and made it all his own. The authoi

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further studies in this direction, which tend to show

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completes oviposition in a time varying, according to the tempera-

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to the statistical study of variation and inheritance. The health offi-

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22, had had pains in the epigastrium for 6 years. Occasion-

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normal position in the orbits by operations upon the

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immunity had been produced as far as ordinary suppurating

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1000, including 12 per 1000 cases of syphilis (1895) ; France, 51.6 per 1000,

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Breslau Medical Society an interesting case of hysteric simulation in a

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for the temperature, relative humidity of the air, and its rate of move-

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left arm — the arm lying under him ; he stood up immediately after and

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Fever may be defined as an exaggeration of the normal

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of head and face, 670 ; transfusion of blood in cattle-

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This class calls for the most patient and thorough care on the

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to the Waltham Hospital and duly i)repareil for oper-

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epithelium, and the remains of kidney substance lying between adjacent

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cal Association has now expressed its views. While approv-

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