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and chief in the maternities of Berlin and Leipzig, each single

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methods of operating for the restoration of ruptured perineum,"

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thorax are often drawn inward, particularly at the parts which correspond

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this state, are more or less continuous. They are not progres-

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College, having read medicine with Dr. Charles W.Davis,

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nourishment, for the nurse did not insist upon the patient taking

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neuritis was demonstrated along with genuine polymyositic lesions (neuro-

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eye or the optic nerve. On other occasions this nerve, as

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The supporting apparatus gave rise to so much discomfort,

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In cancer of the stomach we find usually emaciation and pallor. This is

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sible : further dilution must produce but an unstable or variable

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Austin Flint of present Xew York City and State Medical associa-

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the University of Buffalo, whence he was graduated M.D., class of

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ful experimentation, the power of single drugs over the brute

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Dr. Aspell was soon in command of an extensive and lucrative patron-

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tendency towards rapid recovery is here strongly marked.

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quent one, and only imperfectly understood. It does not bear a close analogy

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at the fundus oculi from disuse, its frequent dependence on a

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had a family of nine sons, resolved to place them upon a

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many cases. This comprises nearly all I have to say on the

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more prolonged and comfortable than would otherwise be the

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wounds, are the lesions generally seen. The extent of the

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his regiment. In December, 1862, he was promoted to the rank

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viable career. For over a quarter of a century Professor of Orthope-

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self and husband, where they miy each be found eVery

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pensary, at the corner of Essex and Broome Streets, New York, and

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A street-car was passing a house in the East End where a

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Energy," American Electro -Therapeutic Association, Bos-

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and, the best sign of all, absence of perforation of the bone or of

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treating most cases of rickets is to improve the general nutrition. It is often

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Climatological Society, of the Association of Military Surgeons of the

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sition from her family, as at that time the woman-physician

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Hospital. It is safe to say that during these years many thousands

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ing come from England and settled there in 1648. Dr. Purdy re-

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the courtesy of his old Vienna friend and teacher. Professor

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the town of Norway. In 1824 he came to Buffalo, here first prac-