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to tap the pleural cavity to relieve most urgent distress, and often to
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fluoxetine 30 mg reviews
5000 lire (i^20o) to the Ophthalmic and Children's Hospital founded in
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ledge of anatomy would lead one to anticipate, that the tumour was of
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tion on the Abdomen, which discharged at times great quantities of a
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John Couper, F.R.C.S. The Diagnosis of Astigmatism by the
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yellowish and infiltrated. Finally a little greyish pus exuded. The
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and light-brown curly hair, by occupation a gunsmith, temperate, has
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the operation by trocar, if carefully performed, and performed after a
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August 30th. — The eyes had become cloudy, there was marked
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a clot weighing about 6h lbs. Sections through the liver showed
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and milk. The evening temperature was 38"8° C, respirations 16,
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form marked divisions in the annual admissions of every asylum, and
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or marbled with black lines, and dotted over with whitish, hard or
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When she awoke, she felt very low and "muddled". Pulse So, very
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tumor, or polypus, has disappeared, shrinking up gradually until it no longer causes
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approbation as any other class of her subjects. A few honours judi-
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New growths of varying character may develop on the turbinated
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J. M. FothergiU, M.D. On the Preservative Agency of Lowered
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rank as necessaries. A third is that people get to congregate more and
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fracture of the rib. The converse, howe\-er, is true, viz. that fracture
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21. Tuberculous pneumonia. Section through right lung showing cavernous
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Still, I am loath to forego the opportunity to say that
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Case i. — H. M., male, aged 51, was admitted May 21st, for the
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LOWRV.— On July 5th, at West Malhng, Marj- Ann, wife of 'Thos. H. Lowry, M.D.
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limited space over which that sanguinary battle was fought, and to the
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old horse would be liable to rupture. A simple shock, such as that of
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leep in a very feu* minutes after going to bed. Do not
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violence of the fits was to have three or four men lean
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bably more often becomes generalised in the viscera. One of us
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The changes in the thoracic organs, and especially in the lung, do
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ing particularly in the direction of the inguinal space. It did not
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vice to use means for the relief of the skin or kidneys if those means
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The diagnosis of pneumonia is eas}-. The veterinary surgeon is