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quality of food and liquids must be the same for patients as men-

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chlorosis, and disorders of menstruation are some of the causes of

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Anodynes. — These are used to relieve pain. At the head of the

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the heart's action is vigorous and rapid — may be tumultuous, vio-

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tus with gouty blood. A further analogy with ei)ile]»sy is suggested

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unhealthy milk full of poisonous disease germs by the time it reaches

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cians and Surgeons " and " The Biographical Review of Hampden

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more time and may be employed to confirm this provisional diagnosis.

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water supply. It lias already been noted that the germs of typhoid

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Sometimes an abscess forms which opens on the inside of the cheek,

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(such as maccaroni and flour puddings) , rice, preserves, and sweet

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removed by a dose of oil or other mild laxative. The following

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locality tliat gives to eacli of the eruptive fevers its distinctive and

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very severe and fatal type. Measles without an eruption is a danger-

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Outside of the joints the deposits of urates may occur in many

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the smallest cjuantity, 1,000 to 1,500 c.c, and is best regulated

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which covers the cornea is extremely delicate and does not appear to

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tion, beside the medical class who were present in a

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currence of bodily fatigue, or an exposure to cold damp air mav' be

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phritis, beginning coincidently with the articular manifestations, or, at

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skin are due to disorders of the glands, others are due to inflamma-

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and five degrees. The urine is scanty and high colored. The

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affected joints, and in a considerable number of cases their develoj)-

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7. The Occurrence of Profuse Perspirations. — Abnormally free action

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result to the heart from the destruction of the rheumatic x>oison and

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headache and apathy, may be in part explained by cerebral oedema, the

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Various measures were adopted for his relief, but, as the patient afterward

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careful observation reveals the fact that in that class of patients there

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dyspepsia lose their appetite, and instinctively crave acids, spices,

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which is always present. The spleen is also enlarged. It sometimes,

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glycosuria, and gout can all be referred to the same predisposing

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excretion is only one, although by no means an unimportant one.

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annoying habit by whipping. Judicious talk and moral impressions