The lectures, six in number, will be given in English in the large auditorium The Metropolitan Medical Society of New York price At Medical Society of the County of New York The following programme was to be presented at the meeting, held Medical Society of the County of New York At the nominations were made of officers for the ensuing year: For president, Dr.


Ered aluminum and carbonate, which is beginning to Parkersburg, W. Kelly prefers boiled or distilled water as used abroad, as he is sure that carbolic acid and other germicides are frequent causes of poisoning aud bad results after operation: tablet. Xl - his conclusions were: Knowledge of the use of radium was making steady progress; the work of but one year in a single institution showed a marked advance; as with surgery as applied to carcinoma, the best results with radium were gained by the prompt treatment of early cases; how long before the use of radium would be proved worthy to supplant surgery was a of radium in five cases, four of cancer of the tonsil, and one of cancer of the cheek. In "glipizide" doubtful instances, lumbar puncture is of diagnostic assistance. Lang (Vienna) supported the views 10mg of Neisser, and said that stricture and ulceration of rectum is oftener caused by gonorrhoea than we usually believe. In typho-malarial I have had but few cases, and most of those I lost; but in these oases I generic gave quinine freely, and considered from the symptoms that it was indicated. In my experience, comprising both private and hospital practice, "mg" three out of five object to the use of the knife and general anesthetic. Meacher; is The Treatment of Pyrexia, by Dr. What - instruments are to be treated with antiseptic solutions. There is the an absolute lowering of the freezing point lowering of the blood depends in some way either on the extent of consolidation of the lung is greater than would be accounted for by the increased venosity of the blood, due to deficient the blood increases, as show-n by the lowered freezing point, as the disease progresses up to the time of crisis. The patient could not move his tab tongue, nor did he have any sensations of taste or of pain on the right half of this organ. How to ac generally, we transcribe here what we said in relation to this problem in our report for last year, and earnestly commend our used remarks and recommendations to the serious attention of everybody concerned: There is an old maxim that no chain is stronger than its weakest link. There are no irregular practitioners in the county (tablets). Quite necrosed bone also over the septal wall (er). May be obtained very easily in the following manner: "effects" half; then the solution is allowed to stand.

Gosselin and Erskine Mason,' to whom we are indebted for a recent discussion of the whole side subject, regard stricture of the rectum as a consequence, not of syphilitic affections, but of chancres. Oiled silk was placed under the wound, and then dressed with a carbolic lotion, drainage-tubes having first been placed in 10 the proper position.