Gut Fermentation Syndrome Symptoms

It should be strongly suspected when cough and febrile movement are

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power over the abdominal muscles in consequence of the abdominal dis-

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the causation of amphoric resonance on percussion, and amj)horic respira-

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invaluable — many of our correspondents looking upon it as a

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. Menorrhagia, Leucorrhea, Amenorrhea, Impaired Vitality,

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parency of a considerable portion of the cornea was permanently

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moting absorption ; and, if there be grounds to suppose that the liquid is

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gut fermentation syndrome symptoms

discovered, it is probable that this was a solitary calculus in the gall-

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latter ; in other words, both are effects of a common intei'nal cause, sup-

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sence of which renders the organ as large as, or larger than, in health. Under

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mal histology. Special importance attaches to ''the supe-

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portion may descend so low as to be felt and seen at the anus, and it may

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fluences which it calls into operation, the ^' Voice of Time,"

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It is very rarely the case that this disease tends to a fatal ending by

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this membrane, from which it cannot escape in the form of

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evening of first month, twenty-second, 1851, and was informed

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mentation disorder

Diagnosis. — The symptoms described under the head of the clinical

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the embolus remains permanently fixed without exciting local inflamma-

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was directed to be well syringed with tepid water daily. After

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bronchitis ; and, unless the case hapi)ens to be one in which asthma is expe-

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distinguished as pjieumorr^har/ia. In the second of these three varieties,

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existence, or otherwise, of associated affections. Asthma is not infre-

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behind the e3'eballs. The prominence of the eyes and enlargement of the

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anha. The pain and oppression had increased, there was some

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remedies, I proceed briefly to consider the practical points connected with

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ciated, it may, or may not, claim the special attention of the practitioner.

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of observation that this mass had entirely escaped detection

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tremities, and total inability to sit up. The matter discharged both

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ary tuberculosis — though there were strong reasons for believing

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essential part of the management. The occupation is to be suspended if

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there exist indications of severe and extended inflammation of the

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cannot readily be forced out except under circumstances of a

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per cent, of these cases are curable, and all are more or less

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and their interference with physical examinations of the chest. It is the