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an action lately tried in the County Court in this town, in which I
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fuse arterial haemorrhage, all went to negative this
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However, we shaU watch with interest its approach -
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consideration, sees no reason to alter its oi^inion
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may be transposed thus. In the first-born children,
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and when the reader, in presence of Ught, takes it up
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them. I make this digression in order to assert, that
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those of mercurial treatment, the difference will be
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the first case they are generally fatal to life. 4.
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ing curriculum of education requii-ed by the College
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lenic as well as for the Occidental world of civil-
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quantity so small that it shall reach, and only just
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but men of the highest professional position, many of
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the practitioner should seize it with his right hand
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formations nor is destroyed in the body : but that it
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caque id, quod ictum est, duobus locis deligandae in-
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Applv to Mr. I.nnt'ley, 60, Lincoln's-inn-fiehls. W.C.
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Great Britain are capable of producing powerful con-
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schemes, rarely keep their expenses within their esti-
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means, if the os uteri is dilated and dilatable, Avhen
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" I did not try to work till a fortnight after I came
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interest in the affairs of others. The medical, with
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syphilisation, there are many trifling points to be no-
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is, What was Mr. Lund's object in placing himself in
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this wise, though the cure of a disease or two might
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value in determining the question of ti-eatment, ex-
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pelvic bonos have been fractured and there has been
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respectively. General creijitation continued through-
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prise that surgery in India was so little heeded in
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an Englishman's right to a simple hearing, on the case of Timothy
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being the positive assertion of a sup^josed fact, in-
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ity in the week in those ten large towns was 31 per
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microscope, he failed to detect the presence of the
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what, and cuts out a few fresh steps at the top for
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Carotid"; Dr. Ilillier, " On Congenital Hydronephrosis." —
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going on on the administration of alcohol in fever.
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within the last fifty yeai-s, it has made gigantic pro-
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cases dm-ing the last few years, and I believe them
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that the causes of discontent, as stated in the Re-
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