Chloramphenicol Eye Drop

( Chronic Pulmonary Tuberculosis ; Chronic Ulcerative Phthisis?)

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went to Baltimore, where they are now doing great work, and

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He was the greatest surgical pathologist of Europe, and was

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an occasional dose of phenacetin when the patient is restless with

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warmth, which brings about a diminution of blood pressure and thus

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for a method which may be, while equally life-saving, to put it mildly,

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•quential it may seem. Kvcn if you do not understand what it

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dropper, and I do not see why any vein in the system you can

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ready the lay journals have taken up this subject, and they will con-

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Chorea — Diseases of the Cord and its Membranes — Tetanus —

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temperature to 99° or 100° F. (37.7° C), or in severe cases as high as

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branes. Its mucosa is congested, ecchymotic, and sometimes the seat of

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general. Some yet believe it to be due to a disturbed metabo-

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and massage of the belly produced a decided rise of blood pressure,

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know of no organ of the body, of no function of the body, of

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diet than she did on a full diet plus thyroid treatment.

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ary hemorrhage, and the like, the most affecting scene I ever

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fifteen to twenty minutes from the beginning of the application, and

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cal fact upon which I have based the diagnostic bath (page 179) is em-

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At the same meeting several changes were made in the consti-

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known a number who had everything in this world, in a

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The publication of these cases aroused so much attention that gas-

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reason for the absence of reduction of these complications in the Bris-

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or for asthma. Be careful you do not mistake any case of

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cases, disappeared after from the second to the fourth treatment. The

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Under the twentieth year, according to the analvsis of 708 cases at St.

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two other remedies which I have also introduced into the therapy of

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(9) Management of Convalescence. — Some of the points connected with

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ture or from failure of the nervous system is rarely observed; the chief

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tissues and joints and causes gout. This, I believe, is Haig's

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surface of the cord, and the exudate increases in amount in passing from

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depressants, as acetanilid and phenacetin, should not be resorted to,

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branches in manifold netlike divisions as far as the horny layer.

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events in this form of the disease, and may be preceded by diurnal

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no statistics at hand, but I think there was one case survived

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distance, however, may be measured in each case by laying the tube

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strated that it aids in enhancing tissue metamorphosis. The patient,

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in my hands after the salicylates, quinine, salol, the Paquelin cautery,

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cold has a marked and decided influence on the pneumonic process, not