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of the various food-stuffs constituting his diet. In an institu-

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on a sufficiently extensive scale to establish how far dependence can be

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nical diftemperSj as thafe of the lungs, and the far-

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no symptoms by which its presence can be recognised. The symptoms

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ufed, have forne fmall addition made to their food,

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are much larger and are attached to the bones at some distance from the articular

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widely affected, argues strongly in favour of the view that it is by means

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Interference with the normal function of the brain is commonly due

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considers the recovery to be 90 per cent. The prognosis of uncom-

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Later, however, it was shown -, ^ \ that this phenomenon could occur

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volvement of bone, either the maxilla, mandible or palate bones, was

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appears in patches, the surface looks steamy, and later the whole cornea

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fays {e), proves by feveral infliances the efficacy of a

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end of the first hour, there was only one case of infection. The

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laparotomy and thorough flushing of the abdominal cavity have often been

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to gout so long as the kidneys remain in a normal condition. We are

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under this head results from the pressure of a fsecal concretion or a foreign

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root and Jefiiits bark, of each two ounces ; make a

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and require to be considered in attempting diagnosis. It sometimes

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minims or even more are reached. It has a disagreeable taste, and is most

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quit the endemic area, otherwise relapse on the slightest exposure or

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but are fairly constant as to location. For many days or weeks the

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Oil of cloves, in doses of 5 to 30 minims in capsules three times a day,

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bably the reason why general infection is decidedly uncommon. If the

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tumn, the falt-marfhes afford no lefs relief, by their

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hands high : for fourteen hands and an inch is very

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among workers in white-lead factories, alike demonstrate the fact of the

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or hormones as the other parts of the body require them. This relative

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Sidney Martin, 445 autopsies, 9 - 4 per cent. ; Coats, 103 autopsies, 23 per

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The hepatic dulness to the left of the sternum cannot be distinguished

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tor when conscription was put in force, and thought all his suffer-

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as soon as the diaphragm ceases to act this abdominal pressure pushes

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through boot and shoe factories, where American sole-stitching machines

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there will be a history of a slight wound, often nothing more than a pin prick,

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cold to the touch, and look shrivelled ; the features are blue, or pale and