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surface of the cornea. The globe loses its spherical
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or interstital passages, funned in the substance of the tissues. ,J
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The menstrual discharge small in quantity, never continuing
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of some of the gases, "the ready method" is the great and only reliable
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case. It is the death, not of an individual, but of one of the instru-
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accumulating years. Cases of serious lesion of die intestinal
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quired disposition to tonsillitis obtains, are seldom attacked with
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time these animals, aged three months, are in excellent health, notwith-
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pecially in families living in the country, are a desirable and
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after death a lymphy deposit on or under the membranes.
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ether, &c. ; that is to say, it causes a cessation of the nervous al-
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tion, as mastoid, hyoid, etc., which, kept closely to their primitive
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& bill had passed its second reading, embodying such a law as was
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should receive more than a brief and imperfect examination, by all
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With regard to the rationale of the process, most of those who
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pital during the past two years. By Thomas M. Markoe, M. D.,
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the bladder; and had it become fully detached, would have
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tremity of the canula brought out between the labia majora ; thus,
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reason and are guided by sound logic and the analogies of language
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augatory, but induces a permanent because material obstruction of the en-
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quotations from both Van Buren and from Dr. Kelsey\s own
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acquainted with this fact, though I have no recollection of seeing it
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with the writer of the article, that the changes in this structure must
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rally led to its employment in croup. The author relates four[cases in which
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the main symptoms in each, so that the data for a differential
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of a pin's head. The impression is instantaneous and scarcely felt
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tism when I first visited him. He had chills once in four hours.
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Other engagements pressing, and, as there was no flooding,
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6. Diptheritis. — Observations commenced by M. Blache, and continued by
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but there will be a saving of alcohol and vital power by
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obtained by another method, which consisted in mixing a solution
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The Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, requires attendance
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Medicine Chests in Mahogany. Black "Walnut, and Pine Woods, in assorted siz»s,
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as a body, should call for this plan to be thoroughly put into execution
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He had tried the remedy in fourteen or fifteen cases, and it had only failed
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scrutiny of the surgeon in readiness for an operation. In many
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