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whole, from the organism and its life-giving vital force, hidden
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heavily filtered radiation at a relatively greater distance and a
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(7) Photometric measurement. This is as described for blood
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are so constituted that even comparatively large doses of bacterial poisons have
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of subacute bacterial endocarditis. Many of these have the charac-
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became deep and extensive, and, notwithstanding all the arma-
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physicians and those supposed to be opposed to homoeopathic
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tures, protecting one guinea pig with CI. perfringens
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bona fides or of skill subsequently arises, the testimony of two
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amebae. The occurrence of budding and the peculiar arrange-
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sufficient to counteract 2 mgrms. of virulent typhoid bacilli while it still
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tration of the colored solute has the same effect on the transmis-
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He" had done no work for years. The hospital record goes back
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sometimes subacute bacterial endocarditis, but are more fre-
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examining the heart of a choreic child, and, upon finding the pro-
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in am;iitude, and notching. It is worth notmg ''-' '^^ ™^^
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indeterminate manner with the colon ; it was always very painful.
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it to cool to room temperature. Then add 10 ml of 1
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(2) Cultivation. It is difficult to cultivate and isolate the
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dyspnoea under which he labored before death. There was gen-
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of this disease rather than diphtheria. Membranous sore-throat with
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Still later, when the dulness clears away, the tympanitic element often
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plained it to me in this way. "There is," he said, " no certain
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citrate of caffeine may relieve it, and is preferable to any drug of
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(a) Pipette 5 ml of whole oxalated blood into a 50 ml volu-
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Influence of surroundings. — Very little is known at present of the
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instance in acute yellow atrophy, phosphorus and arsenic poisoning; in
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destructive lesions which have produced permanent changes and an enduring loss
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the usual branches of a medical education, — anatomy, physiology,
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Lungs: Left, dulness from apex to spine of scapula, below,
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