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canal, then on the brain, and lastly on the lungs, several days

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gradually extends to the center. These radial lines becoming gradu-

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the germicidal properties of milk for individual species of bacteii.

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S-vusDERS. — On April 16, at 13, Queen-street, Cheapside, the wife of W. S.

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13 gm. ; white blood cell count, 8,500, with a normal

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theoretically contain all the immunizing properties of the living bacteria

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rologists commensurate with the frequency of its occurrence and the

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actments, it seems to be agreed on all hands that our

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of an abnormally movable caecum, which has been emphasized by

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informed by Dr. Carson, of Middletown, that in his case the patient was

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this point instead of three, but in the cases I have operated

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Infantile Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis of the Fam-

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American Orthopaedic Association, composed of thirty active

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Large, powerful, female Bull Dog. 4 grains of Acetate of Strychnia in sol u lion of excess

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laid upon the circumstance that the mother, in a case where the

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ease. enuresis, nocturia Muscu/os*e/e/a/-infrequent muscle cramps, muscle spasms, rigid/stiff muscles,

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a sensitiveness of the liver. In some cases the diagnosis is most difficult,

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cesses of digestion, absorption, and assimilation are going

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the University in 1938. It hangs in his former depart-

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movable in every direction, and attached, as he imagined, by a thin pedicle to

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One of the others ranged from 110 to 105. The other had a pressure of

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ance, as much as possible, of excitement from external causes of

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had so long held in connexion with the National Board. The

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cathartics and diuretics should be discontinued, or employed with great

accumulation of hydrea in the body

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Lathyrus cicem in three cases I'eported from Italy. In one of Dr Morgan's

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at end of nine weeks ; discharged at end of tenth week.

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