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Woodward, Harold B., B.A. Wesleyan Johns Hopkins, '02 T-erryville.

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It will be clear from the foregoing remarks that we are quite unable

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David Middleton Greig, M.B., CM., F.R.C.S. Ed., Dundee,

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Comptroller Coler proposed a reform in the method of ap-

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for eleven hours. I awoke with dizziness, which passed

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* St. Bartholomew's Hospital Meports, xxx, p. 53, 1894.

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thanks they might reasonably add their congratulations to Dr.

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liable to epileptiform attacks confined to the left side of the

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Surgeon to the Asylum for Idiots, &c., &c. With a Supplement

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this distinguished southerner who was a physician, leg-

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