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would not have been better so, than that she should have

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sues, leading to the formation of caseous foci. These causes

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has been the subject of careful study. The practice in different countries

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tore the arm away by the joint, and, in addition, produced an

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The Metlical Society has recently revised its rules, and a

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month, for in.itancc, we hope to be able to present a paper upon atropine, now preparing. He will give special

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to the profession outside of the membership, and the utter-

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under the jurisdiction of national or municipal quaran-

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Cloth, $1.00, net. Philadelphia: F. A. Davis Company, Publishers,

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ficial ulcers. The eyes, therefore, should be diligently bathed with boracic

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cpium is required, and especially the frequent and unremitted

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in many cases reduction can only be effected by way of the lower

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5. The Thoracic Muscles — Here the affection goes by the name pleuro-

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Disputes, so common in medical societies, were conspicuous by their absence

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In its ascending course the gonococcus, which may or may not be

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I have only to say that I have confirmed the statements made by Dr.

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the loss of the liver's function of producing urea.

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practically all the anesthetists who have written on

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the chemist who discovered a property of chloroform that had

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To ihe Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

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to what Professor Wilson calls Erythema laeve. The redness vanished at once

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nervous irritation. A plausible theory is one that attributes it to

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ening, he uses an omental graft to prevent Munro isolated twenty five mgm. of puri-

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Mr. Hodgson, " is, in brief, tlie pursuit of law," or, in the still

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Much attention has recently been given to the external applica-

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the explanation of the connection, the fact remains that one of the

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Eegarding what Dr Eitchie had said, he would just simply remark,

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versity who excel in their studies. The offer was unanimously ac-

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Edema of the lungs is not infrequent. Albumin is usually present

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were most commonly situated upon the skin of the face.

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