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We follow with keen and painful interest the downward course

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" Lack of appetite, furred tongue, and pain in the stomach,

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gical Society and served as its President. He is also a

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with an impairment of the energy of intestinal peristalsis.

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to be purely nervous. Sometimes there may be myalgia. Moreover, chlorosis

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non-penetrating, wounds ; simple penetrating wounds ; penetrating

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is much more comfortable. After the wound is closed, it is well

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conscientious as well as industrious. Regarding their tem-

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Hospital. He was an honorary member of the principal medical

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And districts of the city, for medical and surgical services

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ceived his early education at the public schools of Mamaroneck, and

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We take pleasure in welcoming to our exchange-list this new-

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one is liable to bring about very extensive and regrettable

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finger upon the pulse of fashionable New York." He was

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pointees having faithfully and acceptably performed preparatory

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15. "Charcot's Artheopathy" (Jnl. Med. Soc, New Jersey, 1912).

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of the New York Slate Medical Association, member of

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He is a contributor to various medical journals and other

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physicians, lawyers, ministers, and other followings. On

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Mental derangements deserve a brief mention. They rarely occur during

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sions alternating with the crises ; atypical fever ; intelli-

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ways, it seems to me, of explaining those pulmonary hemor-

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The treatment of eczema being often a most baffling and