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the chest, but the stomach was found by palpation and per-

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into what we call No. 2 selection. This No. 2 selection is purely regulated by the

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English-speaking student, are not excelled in the world. Dr.

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who looks upon his patient as so much " clinical material "

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in many other cases resection of the ribs should be carried

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that there Avas a piece of detached bone in the interior

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Case IX. — Mrs. M., of Jefferson, Me., 47 years old, naturally healthy,

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weight of the body from the diseased joint. They forget

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blood. When the rupture takes place spontaneously, the mechanism

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of Censors meets to examine candidates for the practice of

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(5) Endemic hematuria is that variety found in some of the tropical regions

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fate of the graft of boiled bone. The skiagram, taken two

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In these four cases, gentlemen, we find the chief symptoms

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are practically always fatal if not recognized early. Others,

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nated through the skin, therefore it should not be used in acute

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thirty years, though I find in the recorded Transac-

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of eccentric hypertrophy of the ventricle. Such a heart may be in great

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who use alcohol, and those with obstructive lung dis-

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It often vomits all fluids soon after swallowing them, particularly water.

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uncomfortable night than usual. Breasts firm, more painful. Milk

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Arsenic poisoning resembles conditions noted in other dis-

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birth; Recovery of Health Mrs. B., ast. 39, multipara, gave birth to a

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said to cause an increase of suicides have certainly not

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Though not strictly accurate according to modern standards — having been made before Harvey's

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anaemia, which in a greater or less degree is a necessary consequence of

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accurately the amount of pain, discomfort, and illness due to

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oxysm of the disease, and when they are found in the

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large intestine. The abscess itself is merely a complica-

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xi, 319; 331. — Pelc. Verbreitung des Flecktyphus in

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Symptoms. — Pain, stiffness, deformity, and creaking of the

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Symptoms of intestinal occlusion have been observed in associa-

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M. A spoonful in a glass of warm water. Avoid rubbing the parts

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total number of patients was 120. Benzoyl acetyl peroxide was used exclu-

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