If there should be an insufficient number of physicians in any of the counties of this State to form themselves into a component county medical society, such physicians migraines may become members of the component county medical society of an adjoining county when eligible by the constitution and bylaws of such component county medical society. On clearing this away, towards the upper part inderal of the fibula it was found gradually increasing in density, and having numerous os-cous spiculiB in it. After an execution at Horsham, on Saturday last, the hands of the two men who had been hanged were passed over the necks of two or three females, as a cure for scrofulous swellings! BILLS OF MORTALITY. Constitutions were in time introduced in all effects the German states. Cancer of the colon and rectum has shown a slight increase, but has leveled off recently. The American Medical Association will use all means at its disposal in an endeavor to make 80 adequate medical care available to meet the needs of each person. A point of interest is the possibility of typhoid and typhus fevers occurring together. Some of the patients were above the very lower class; and why did they apply? Becaue the advice they obtained from the physician or surgeon of vs a public institution was superior to what they could procure from the medical man who made a charge for his medicine, although he might charitably profess to give advice to the poor gratis.

The New York Hospitality Suite, in the Garden Room at Haddon Hall, was open according to Noon, AMA delegates and alternates; la Thursday, Noon, New York delegation only.

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Remission of dues due side to illness or financial hardship shall be reviewed sections, and paragraphs in the proposed revision.