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passes upwards and escapes through his nostrils. The pharyngeal muscles

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In April, 1844, Mr. MacDonnell obtained by examination the

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suria. The carbohydrates necessary are For each molecule of the acid there are

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and was informed that a man had died of hemorrhagic fever. I learned

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the nature of coxal glands, which must have existed originally

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above the horizon. It was afterwards written down from

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hardly find a well-authenticated case of cure of vesical palsy by the

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recommended to a place on every student's bookshelf.

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(Mar) 190, (Apr) 250, (May) 318, (Jun) 382, (Jul) 445,

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mingled with eczema; for, although both diseases are seated in the dermoid

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as a source of typhoid fever at Hartford. Ri p. Bd. Health

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very probably belongs to that class of clinical results which

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neither uniform nor fully controllable, while witli our plugs it

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Lead poisoning may be acute or chronic. In the acute form the

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altogether as it was generally followed by a persistence

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A 10 cm. midline abdominal incision extended above the

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" cement," which allows each to vibrate without affecting its

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only 12 out of 66 recovered ; wliile of those protected by vacci-

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larynx, and vaso motor disturbances are common ; bron-

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himself, and we are all familiar with one case — the rubbing