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brane; but of the many kinds of local medication calculated to spread
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illustrated by lantern slides and actual preparations,"
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To treat chorea ably, one must be a veritable Vidoc in
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Kecently Sambon has found bodies in a lemur which may have some rela-
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marked gastric symptoms, obstinate constipation, disturbances of the
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common afflictions that the physician is asked to relieve.
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High fever calls for purgatives not antipyretics, bath as outlined.
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human flesh, according to Bates in his 'Naturalist on the
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able to satisfy both themselves and their patients of its intrinsic value as a curative agent,
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C, or 0®.019 C. per minute ; during the following 47 minutes, 1®.75 C, or 0®037 per minute ;
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In 1794, I attended a case of carbuncle, in consultation with
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with the evidences of muscular force as shown by the strength of grip. It will
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forms of the disease may occasionally occur from which recovery is
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pare all the alphabets of ancient and modern times,
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