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of these animals in plai f hippinic acid a emiipouiid called (,niilh uric
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arteries, the other the vessels of the auricular endocardium. Injections
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epithelial tissues. A piece of frog's skin liquefies the plasma for as
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pigs^ weighing 250 gm., were sensitized by intravenoTis injections
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ihi'si' iilf i'nlM|Hili;nls of iiloirialii- iiriils with ul,\ I'ocoll or ,illlilloai-il ii-
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bition was for the purpose of preventing competition.
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liisc iiinl L'lni'iisc |py invcitiisc. It is inti'i-csiin'.' to note tlmi in .•luininls
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tuberculosis in fowls. He recognized in this instance a profound
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The inspection was therefore practically confined to the ante-mor-
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sterile. During the course of the day, weakness developed in the flexor
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berland, Cannon, Moore, those portions of the counties of Clay and Jackson lying south
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exposed cattle. This is all the more remarkable as cattle are not the
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29. Experimental nephropathy in the dog (Plate III, Figs. 6, 7, 11, 19) . 128
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arise in the deep veins of the leg, bilateral super-
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is also infrequently resorted to for diagnostic purposes, although it is
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,uvl.an,M.s vvhi-1. ^^.. saw sn,KTv..n.. n,.on .LMrnrtion of the motor vvu-
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by Injection of B. bronchisepticus into the Renal Artery.
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;i|-trr liir adiiiinistiation of i>!iosplioi „>. Tlir s| ial si-niliran.-,- .d'
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23o An. Rpt., Bureau of Animal Industry, 1906. PLATE XXII.
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ray evidence of pulmonary infarcts is of importance
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fatigue, asphyxiation, immaturity, or other repugnant conditions. These may not pre-
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mission nf an impulse alontr an atTerent neuron tn an eflfcrcnt vas"
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1902, XVI, p. 96. (Grazer Musealpraparat, No. 4479.)
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certainly accomplished if, as is hoped and expected, the legislature of
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with tubercular material. After the first two weeks of incubation
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emotionally dependent upon his mother and his daugh-
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the attack subsided in only 12 per cent, was static
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have been suggested by Henderson and Palmer. No indications of
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ing the patient with localized disease is dependent
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ence of these vessels. He noted that it was easiest to find vessels in the
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found in the perl-pancreatic fat "^he pancreatic parenchyma does not seem
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directorate and the general meeting, decides the time and place, and calls the
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On March 10, 1906, a member of the committee, on behalf of the committee, addressed
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(he larger blood vessels, the brine fails to expel the blood or to cure
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■""■"■'■ !ii"l i' "lay ]h- -cssary t., un.lertake tli.. starvati.iu treatiii..! •
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has a killing floor which Is supplied with more than the average of natural light, although
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could we find that there was a uniform tendency for the bacillus to approximate
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Rabinowitsch •' (1904) expresses the opinion that the bacilli of
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children who, within the nine days following the onset of Harry A's
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of these have a large number of deaths, nevertheless it is evident that