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6 months old — i.e., seven months after the first took ill.
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18 karfe, B., in later writing. 17 Gif, O., fol. 15. 18 peax, B.
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astigmatism. Clearly pointed out over 25 years ago, and
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phere to cold and damp. If a patient has been much enfeebled by
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salt rheum, sore eyes, tetter, asthma, frosted feet,
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31 •Diseases of the Gum Borders and Sockets of the Teeth. C. M.
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recurrence of the attacks while in the recumbent position and their
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attacks have occurred daily since ; on some days she has had as many as ten
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law is being taken on the present, as it has on former
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ments, aid the treatment, but we should not over-estimate their value.
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ous other diseases of joints. The differential diagnosis
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sion " Apex Catarrh." If Dr. Straight will make care-
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a marked change in a day or two, with cicatrization in a week,
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Like many of his contemporaries in the eighties and nineties he performed a limited
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lorn of all buildings intended for purposes of instruction.
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Some positions, respecting the influence of the Voltaic Battery, in obviating the effects of division of the Eighth
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ticeable in the alFective, than in the intellectual element.
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partly, perhaps, for laxity of morals, and partly because of
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Men, which tUl now had had exclusive possession of this room,
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exhaustively by Tiirck, follow, not only hemorrhage, but softening and other
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Opening the abscess within the inflamed or infected field as near Poupart's
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nize written or printed words. It results from a lesion of
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the foreign body witli instruments, but finally had succeeded in
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affection, and the differential diagnosis of gout and rheumatism only will be
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catabolism, far below that of starvation. The whole picture suggests
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ly the same, whatever part may present at the brim of the pel-
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the abdomen is " tucked up." The animal does not lie down.
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The majority of these systolic murmurs were undoubtedly due to relative
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by the fourth or fifth day. After the fifth day only ordinary wheals
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years' service, in accordance with Act of June 23, 1874:
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in fracture of the shaft of the forearm, and for the same pur-
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determine the least amount of serum that would react with the various
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while, on the other h md, the proofs p^iven bv other volatile