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functional hysteric disturbance. Adopting as I do, with some res-

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of the patient. He appears worn, tired, often anxious. He shows some

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n. s., X, 271-275. — Estlandor. Fall af erysipelas

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The grand opening of the Congress, held at one o'clock on

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When the obstruction is in the sigmoid a drain should be put into

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rectum, where they keep up a continual multiplication by

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about 60 mm. The need of stronger currents is not to

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from want not only of Medical assistance, but of the common

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blood, on the other they x>romoted the study of the retrogressive his-

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Kitchener's strictures on the physical unfitness of

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portion of the cerebral substance from which they take their origin, will

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or colic pains which are called tormina. The tormina and tenesmus are not

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as such according as they are perceived by different nerves,

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The son of a Methodist preacher, stationed at Hertford just at the be-

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the emission of light as well as heat. This means much

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tened epithelium. In superficial tonsillitis the membrane

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of almost absolutely painless dilatation of the os.

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to six hours of the chloroform process, or at the end of eighteen to

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whole of the di-ugs, etc., needed for that lai-ge number

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tempts to enlarge the existing opening by inserting a forceps

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disease. He suddenly learned that a bridge which he had

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to me that in two periods, when she did fairly well,

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of irritation and inflammation of the neck of the blad-

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testicles were large, and the urethra opened into the rectum about

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was created by railroad land grants that occurred from

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to the firmness of each patch and render them indistinguishable from

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or a light sleep or a deep sleep is induced, and the

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grasshopper becomes a burden, I feel so powerless and worth-

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for worse. Ordinarily, we are unconscious of the func-

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bacilli, have been described in human beings in association with a

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are exposed to strain, namely, the lesser curvature of tlie stomach

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my word for it she will be greatly improved in three or four days. Con-

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distant parts through the blood is doubtful. One of the most valuable

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for food. Some dyspeptics are always hungry and eat more than they

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balance between contracting and relaxing units has been reached so

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upon modern surgery in the last five years. Its most

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We have to create a greater demand for medical science, for the

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of Indian corn, but most connnonly they were the seeds

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On her admission, we noticed paralysis of the left arm, with contracture and flexion of