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Dr. F. 0. Lewis showed a patient who had a traumatic laceration of
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all the functions greatly improve, so that, after a period of G or
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pernicious' ones of Italy, larger doses are required.*— Charleston Medical Journal
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edge of the lower jaw, there was a similar semicircular patch, two
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to the present moment, must be regarded as the strongest
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dicitis strong favors the retention of fecal matter in the cecum, thus fornitnn
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of lime and water, using a strong solution of alum water to
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in many ways. It will mean a large increase in X-ray work, as
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Dr. H. Van Dyke Carter, of Bombay, in The Lancet for
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ris {Munch, med. Woch., No. 27, 1906) reports a case of a young
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modated to the bifurcation of the tub%\ Their number varies