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relief than by the disease itself. Paracentesis in pericarditis should not be

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Medicine, London, 1880; vol. i, p. 651, " - ■ <

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The Digestive System. — The mouth usually shows certain changes.

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by Manges. The diagnosis in the former group can be made much more

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risks. The difficulty of maintaining the supply and the danger of trans-

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themselves from this work so far as scarlatinal streptococceemia is concerned

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tification of the pneumococcus in the sputum is usually easy and should be

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ation, and chiefly between the ninth and twelfth days.

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proved sterile. Three cases of unilateral empyema, following bilateral

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structure is lessened and under percussion the pulmonary area does not

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145; James Campbell, M.D., 242; Ferdinand E. Chatard,

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quently mistaken for tuberculosis. "When localized rales persist at one or

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turbid or purulent the leukocyte count may be as high as 35,000 to 55,000,

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this series during the attack, while in a third patient an amoebic abscess

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become more numerous and at the same time increase in size, and in course

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is large, of a desirable quality, and of great importance, there

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and one-half years, and the suspicion is strong that they had been present

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calling may be, some company stands ready to insure him on