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sumption being the most prominent. Acute diseases, and especially
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with wild Bolivian Cinchona, the cultivated species being
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stration the diagnosis is impracticable. The question as to the primary
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that it is unphilosophical to judge concerning his patients from his own
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sudden, and life be destroyed in a few hours, or even minutes.'^ In a case
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afforded by the diminished size of the liver. This is ascertained by per-
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than in cases of abundant tubercle. As a rule, slight or moderate, but
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nurses," "rest cure," "massage," "faradization," "galvanization," "static electrization," "Swedish
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eminent clinicians and writers in the United States, and are well worth
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member, Dr. W. L. Atlee, is still pursuing, ahnost alone, his
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ried Jane Cummings, a lady having a birthright in the religious
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ory and Practice of Medicine, and of Clinical Medi-
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to those whose S3'mpathies are excited, and annoying to others.
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DR. E. CHAREST, of St. Cloud, Minn. "Peroxide of Hydrogen for Gonorrhoea." Medical
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country in which the trachea has been opened^ and a tube worn,. in
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tion, and nutrition are not affected, and the vital powers are maintained.
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for certain organs. Rokitansky gives the following list of parts which are
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Horner| says ^Hhat none exist in the stomach or colon."
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THIS PREPARATION is presented to the Medical Profession
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celerated the progress and the termination of his disorder^
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in females. Of fifty cases collected by Wilthuisen, a Danish author, only
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from the blood, constituting exhalations, secretions, and excretions. The
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ical treatment can be had in perfection at reasonable prices. A special Hospital Building
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nected with another hospital, only 4 were attacked. In the London Hos-
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the stomach in greater or less abundance, emitting an odor of fermenting
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only in cities and large towns that practitioners can devote themselves
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from those already enumerated, as the accessory signs of the disease.
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tion became greatly increased; no such increase, however, took
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M.D., London, 1863, for a full consideration of their chemistry, pathology, and
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gitant currents ; third, lesions which involve both obstruction and regurgi-
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lent and frequently repeated ; after the contents of the stomach and bowels
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disease by the most careful physical exploration. On the third