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38. Hanaoka M : Clinical pathology of adult T cell leukemia. Acta Haematol Jpn

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Of the wards themselves a few words must be said. There

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the rectum and a marginal abscess of the anus, though this

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appliances by which a proper temperature and cleanliness can

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diseased, but was himself unaffected and much beyond the age of twenty-five,

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in the miraculous power of healing by the imposition of

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-considerable subcutaneous oedema. The latter pretty soon subsides ; but

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died at 77 years of age, apparently from an abdominal tumor. A

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at most compilers of facts which others have collected, including, of

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chest, death may ensue in a period varying from a few minutes

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tly from inanition resulting from insufficient alimentation. The

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359; 362. — Eratt (G. J. H.) On military service for

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1 c.c, control -|-5 c.c. milk at 'MS degrees— coagulated in 23 min.

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Sabatier (A.) Morphologic des menibres chez les pois-

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with lime-like concretions, which are wholly difl'ereut from the crusts

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the edge opposite to that which was first depressed is gradually raised

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Holding the probang with the sponge saturated with the

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We are completely in the dark concerning the causes of many of the

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These instructions are instituted on the hypothesis,

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ders it acid; the serum by these means is converted

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conceived to proceed immediately from violence. Still I do not

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kept in glass bottles, the deepening of colour becomes, in urine containing

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the urine of still-born children, which the writers regard as partly a post-mor-

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Hyperopia — Far-Sightedness. — Rays of light should

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Itnent. Kapsammer was unable to distinguish any difference

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of an asylum and be regarded as chronically insane.

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We have seen that the amount of insanity among women

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Should the bowels be at all inactive, it is desirable that

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191 8 thaji it was ifi the older epidemic of the years 1889-90. It

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ble, and the dirty grayish deposit becoming scantier.

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