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received 2,261 patients : died, 773 ; remaining, 322. Mortality,
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New York, American Medical Association, The American
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especially those in the region of the lambdoid suture and the lesser fontanelle,
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Progressive prostration and emaciation followed, until at the
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your committee, quite contrary to the spirit of Hahnemann's
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pain always undergoes mitigation or complete arrest when pro-
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Treatment. — The question as to the expediency of extracting
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nurse to fetch from the medicine-closet. Unfortunately, the poison was contained in a Hun-
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Sori^6 Fnin<;ai> (I'RIectTothirapie, Fellow and lale Ptca-
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and the carrying on of other beneficent enterprises in which
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in El Paso County, forty-five miles northeast of Colorado
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metropolis in which mind-healers found a welcome. Immedi-
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different, in regard to their mechanism, from the first we
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the first week in August, 1886, and not in September, as has
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be utilized in cases in which asphyxia is not threatening,
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Eeleciic Medical College of New York, is a well-known
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bodies (shrapnel bullets and fragments of shell), of rapid
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of Irish Roman Catholics, and 18 of English-speaking Protes-
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sence of all rigidity of the muscles. There is no objective sign
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forenmner of the present College of Physicians and Sur-
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minute muscular attachments between the capsule of Tenon
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This was but the first of a series of cases, many of
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having since died. The first day of the patient's stay in the
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symptoms which the surgeon must not fail to notice : rigors,
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the back, and carried down the spine, without the slightest sign
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then was under Professors Simon and Arnold at Heidelberg several
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tors. In 1890, after a three years' course, he was graduated from
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" Le Societe Medicale Homoeopathique de France, looking
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He was very much emaciated, very peevish, and constantly call-
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New York. They were the parents of six sons and daughters.
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etiology, diagnosis, symptoms, complications, and treatment of
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In the cases observed thus far there has been found on examination a true
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condition. St. Louis has a new children's hospital ; Michigan
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descriptive of a sepia headache : pressing, shooting, throbbing,
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1909 "Was Leistet die Cystoskopie in der Gynaekologie " — Festschrift d.
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lished a lucrative practice, and in 1883 married Libbie
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Dr. Vogel's work must be regarded, not only as an authority,
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serious, especially of the ulna) are the result of the frag-
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rected obliquely toward one side, so that the fingers assume more and more
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