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correct themselves ; and in the rare exceptions where
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we find, in most instances, that the abdominal tumor was first
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Obviously, it is not wise to give remedies intended to
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stomach during digestion are exhaling as great a volume of
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easily made pale by pressure. The cause of the afifection was sometimes
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to division of the optic nerves, but may result from
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A specimen of tlie pentastoma constrictum was sent to me by Dr. M. M.
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acute appendicitis must be impressed with the fact that .
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diminished or lost on the same side. Above the hyperesthetic region a looe <i
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increased many fold. IVIoreover, still other portals of experimental infection were
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capable of setting up optic neuritis, at all events in a person who has a
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peculiarity, that carbolic acid, either pure or in combination, has
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Significance of Scotomata or Defects in the Visual Field. Dufour was
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in position, and by })ressure to prevent absorption of inflammatory
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question, Dr. Huddleston inoculated bouillon and water
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such as ten minims of Lugol's solution, corresponding to 0.1 gm. (1.5 gr.)
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adult, scarcely ever occur in early life, nor j apt to fall asleep. I do it also because the
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anaemia there exist pallor, or an earthy hue or fawn color of the skin,
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William Rawlins Beaumont, M.D., F.R.C.S., (Eng.), was born
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rate and sugar were given every half hour. The pains were
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rods, while spores or bacillus threads are never found. This finds its
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giving Opium, take the safer course and — avoid it !
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For some days after the operation he complained of very
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instantly. The remainder of the blood which was in the vessel I took
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I asked her to see him. The doctor sent word back by special
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The entire arm must be carefully bandaged from below upwards,
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was the size of an ordinary orange. The patient exhibited little sense of
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the operation is peculiarly obscure ; and the difficulty of assigning any
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bia. It appears that the death rate from Diphtheria in
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One of his colleagues, Dr. James J. Smith, professor
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Mr. Editor: I have recently spent a couple of weeks
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Mr. Stephen thus comments upon it •_< It KdtiKS^!5 i g
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which governs crystallisation, and that life, as a whole, in all
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atrophied. It seems, however, that they persist and may be found in the
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strange as it may appear, multitudes of persons believe
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Spontaneous ecchymoses are observed in many diseases of the
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education. From the outset he gained admittance to the
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pyretic will have, as untoward effects, skin eruptions, because it is excreted
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show a precipitate. There is always a small amount of precipitate seen
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which passed off favorably after a few weeks, and he returned to his
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must consider that if 42% have ear complications as a
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The aacaria lumbricoides^ the roimd worm, is cylindrical, pointed
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