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laceration was immediately closed with silk suture, and although union by-
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and limiting the spread of so serious an infection.'"
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quitos and when cases of malaria have come to the knowl-
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in gastric cancer than in any other condition." — Archiv fur Verdauungs-
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laria. — Tournade and (iiraud remark that experi-
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one end of which had seemed to be imbedded in the right ventricle, while
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On April 14, 1910, he received 0.25 gramme of Ehrlich's
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I can scarcely do more on this occasion than to indicate some of the
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and eternal question of fee is up between a patient,
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brane, two lateral, one anterior, and one posterior. He got union by
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most rigid examination to locate the site of the original
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or strangulation by tight sutures. 2. In many cases simple through-and-
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A boy of ten years had 8 fractures — 6 in one tibia and 2 in one femur
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utes. When dried blood is used the slight tendency of non-typhoid
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no proof of this, and the researches of Robert Hutchison would seem
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Chart \ I1. — Percentages of large mononuclear and transitional cells,
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coloration of skin. Said his urine was highly colored.
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tive frequency of hypertrophied hearts in manic de-
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and thin. Upon physical examination, Octol^er 7, there was but little
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3 H. Leo : Ueber Gastroptose und Chlorose. Deutsche med. Wochensch., 1896, p. 177.
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reached by the first injection of the remedy, the ca-
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fried in fat. Meats of young animals are preferable.
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is credited with an antiseptic and healing action ;
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call for the doctor, are factors to be considered col-
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greatly exaggerated, ankle clonus very marked, other re-
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noises, and proper employment and diversion — some
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duty at the Naval Hospital, Norfolk, Va., and ordered
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the tub during the filling. With the average tub of
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stillbirths. The deaths of children under five years of
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and digestion of the soft parts, while the skeleton
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president, who occupied the chair at the outset, said
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cystitis with the capacity of the organ considerably dimin-
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municipalities, and individuals might establish san-
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of the acute dysenteric attack upon the day before the patient's death
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about them are friable, so that haemostasis is very difficult and the means
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gome of them the writer mentions the existence of rickets, although it
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w-as sent to me to be examined for admission to the State
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The report of the Committee on Clinical Instruction, by Dr.
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November 2. The palpitation was much lessened and general improve-
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was added to the solution to test the permeability of the ureter. By
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were to be attributed to the fact that for many years
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