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over the figures reported for the previous fiscal year :

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dition for the handling of meat. Nevertheless, not on^ is human food prepared here,

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e))ine])lirine excites i.d.vco!:euolysis in tli.' liver so that hyper^rlycemin

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gestions for the further investigation of histoplas-

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A hog naturally insusceptible to hog cholera or a cow to Texas fever

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24. Snyder, J. C.; Yeomans, A.; Clement, O. H.; Murray.

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Furthermore, these results show that the only safe basis for a

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be used as are known to be sound and water that is known to be

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than 10 per cent have their origin in these vessels

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and denied by others. In three cases listed in the table, the A. Y.

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good deal, but apparently shows a moderate degree of colloid goitre.

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He is known to have attacked four persons, two horses, several cattle,

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ranging from 1,000,000 to 2,000,000. This plethora diminished rapidly, with

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discussed according to the anatomic regions involved

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Pericarditis Into the Right Auricle. By M. C. Wintebnitz, M. D.

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creatine lieais to urea is illustr.iled by tile fact that urea is formed

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in a more suitable environment upon its neighboring cells in an unsuit-

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the regular monthly bank statements and confirmation letters

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intravascular clotting there is less prolongation of

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cance,” says Charles Wesley Dunn, New York, general

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1947, in Jefferson City. It was decided to inaugurate

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Sims College of Medicine, 1899; Fellow of the American

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more rarely, one or the other bronchus. In 96 cases where the point

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In those that recovered the femurs were bent and presented a picture

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ill th.- lower portion of th.- as.i-n.lini.' frontal .■.involiiti m th.- I. -ft snh-,

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Another comparison was made of the variations in the reaction of

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IS iHL'M.y ..,.,,l,.s,.,.,„ ;„„I V i..|,|> „n ,1m. ,.,.|.|i,i.,„ „f ,,|..,.),.,I , .,,.,,i,„„ ,„.; .

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also of conrioofor (iliors of the involuntnry system. Tliosc aro distin-

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«s,s: They split the t.'t raimele..ti.|e moleei.l,. into two .liiuieleoti-h .

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the relative toxicity of materials or processes, and

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47. This statement is grossly misleading, and Is calculated to give the impression that

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investigation; and if an exceptional case, the disposition of the carcass may be deter-

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the animal had come into equilibrium with this ration, the dung and

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tients subsided rather rapidly under medical treat-

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Eighth District: Councilor, William Wallis Smith, Spring-

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the following Merck products is also available: Penicillin — the inhalation anes-

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not disturbed by removal of the spleen. Hence it must be concluded

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XV. Histological as Related to Physiological and Chemical Dif-

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eight cases, and the onset occurred from the seventh

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too critical. Instead of following this procedure, how-