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useful ; the latter having the most testimony in its favor.
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of cases of impotence and many of sterility are due to this
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to watch the result The uterus has now completed its
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are precisely those which liquefy gelatin, the nonlique-
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was performed the clinical result was good in 1 case. In only
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of his death. He had been performing the duties of a
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Auguslce Yindel., 1685. . Trait6 du castor, [etc.].
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night, and hallucinations and delirium have disappeared.
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killed. No cases have been reported during the week from
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most trustworthy guides which he can consult. The ip„^cHtloner Dr Flint enriches his subject with
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utmost care, and then been denied a post-mortem examination, or again
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January 1st. — Upon an examination at home, it was found, in
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following a single injection of uranium nitrate (Winternitz). In both
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all flies, while the other species met with were : Calliphora erythro-
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turbed by the .ojieration, and could breathe deeply ten days
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with normal hydrochloric acid (to sterile litmus), centrifugalized,
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almost every instance the number and area of distribution of rales was
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the lower part of the abdomen and reaching nearly to the um-
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and often hums or whistles an appropriate tune. She will often seize
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tlexes. Ann. Ophth., St. Louis. 1899, viii, 520-529.— Hal-
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earth and rubbish, and had entered the apartment through the floor. I have
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unknown etiology, thin blond hair, and anodontia. The
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centuation of side effects. Although laboratory tests have not indi-
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mire appear displaced tangentially with reference to the other, it shows that
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to exist for a considerable time among the Norw^ian immigrants who
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gitis of a typhoid form or from typhoid fever of a meningeal type. The
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for thirty minutes in a one per cent, soda solution ; then they
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man : Abscess and ulceration in pharynx ; beginning
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Conservatism is a grand principle, but unfortunately,
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home of a child temporarily placed in such institu-
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Hedicine Store, No. 295 Market street, below Eighth.