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except by the surgeon-in-chief or by his express direction in
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blind diverticula, each of which is called an infundibu-
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cohol, although he smoked practically all of the time. Nu-
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laws, — the most important of which are, first, that they have all
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his little Lackey, a proper young apple squire, called Pandarus, which
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itself under apparently widely diflcrent symptoms, the tewpera^ture, may pursue varied
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and a bacteriological survey made of the whole school. The net result
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Smallpox, — On Friday evening, a case was discovered in Warren St.
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* Literary . Intelligence. — We have received from the
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trogenous starch liquefymg ferment, " galactozymase,''
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be much fever — a strong pulse and elevated temperature — and the
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given three times daily until he left the hospital. Under general anaesthesia
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sub-pial hemorrhages, staining of the lungs, liver, and kidneys, and swelling
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under his notice. Browne has seen 6 cases of inversion ; 2
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to sluggish ease, but should see that he exercises as much as his
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On the 27th day: Marked nausea, three uremic attacks with coma and
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in the ample literature and long and remarkable history
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with his left hand, the right is then quickly passed along the
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the patient has not yet recovered. In a second child,
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sweats indicated that he was suffering from septicsemia
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r^ulaiiy for several months, but has pain in the ri^ht
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bacilli. (Other acid-fast organisms, of course, Avere not differen-
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fact and on a pathogenetic theory which subsequently we shall prove
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any article of this Constitution may be amended or repealed, and articles
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will be only partial at first, a gradual improvement may be ex-
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aly to which the cramp of the pylorus is due in these cases.
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nal mass is, as it were, hung at the hernial neck, and gradually
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bronchial tubes, yet from the remarks of recent writers on the
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average weight of the stones removed was 149 grains.
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ing to a large false aneurism. The opening was circular,
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war with Spain. Clinically, the confusion regarding these two diseases
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gall bladder. The gall bladder was removed with the stones and
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strongly urged the advantages of rest to the stomach in these cases, and drew
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be qpaie enoc^ to neutralize ibf inspiratory expansion of the thorax,
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Sioriiii,' (it h.K'k pric'i- tii .ip(ilii'.ilii>ii nts.ili |i:ii k.