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Touching the second question, namely, Is it a disease of locality or is it a

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Assistant-Surgeon C. C. Byrne, having been promoted

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was better fitted for a sea encounter than the Spanish vessels, and

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oats or corn are good. Pasturing gives relief. One of the best

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of urine may be interfered with by compression of the kidneys and

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J. de m6d. de Par., 1897, 2. s., ix, 186-188.— Coppez ( H.)

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instance of acute mechanical trauma such as an automobile

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Empyema. — No operation is justifiable unless the pres-

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had predicted speedy death, and the child xtili lived. It

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scheme of these classes can be safely undertaken by children

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acquired is lost, and, when he begins private jiractice in his own

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of other children, generally withdrawing into a corner of

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Case 5. — A fairly healthy lady, a governess, had the right hreast, and

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months. The case presented few points of peculiarity, and the

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an iridectomy where there is such an extensive anterior

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probably on the left hemisphere receiving a freer supply of blood than the

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The histological exaniiiiation in this case, pointed to

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service. It is questionable whether the vacancies can

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albumin, and, among the formed elements, lymphocytes, fatty granu-

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each patient has his own fire by which all his food is

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sight in cue eye before the other eye begins to fail. We have now two snch

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deposits a copious sediment of the lime salts. The child at this period

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appointed, '• to consider and report on the communications

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from the posterior surface of the breast, and is there deeply

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movements of the head in rotation to left and right were both re-

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These new teeth can, according to the inventor, be placed

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mata. In nearly one-half of these cases the tumor was in the cervical region ;

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influence most frequently seen in connection with Sudden lesions, and

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blades.) 2. Its blades are locked automatically, both in

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spreading, therefore, the parts should be sponged with an acetic acid

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* Dr. Johnson. f Hoswell, vol. I. p. 260. f BoswelJ.

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the operation of craniectomy performed by Fuller for idiocy, and never re-

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tioned in the large majority of books on diseases of the stomach

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remainder by myself, only in 8 did the temperature reach 107°.

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without affecting the general circulation, is situated in the pons or

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health as in sickness. In disease we are careful to avoid their