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The petition of the University College of North Wales, the

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of surface for the absorption of all kinds of excrementitious poisons

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saline, whereupon, as it acted, he passed a small quantity of bloody

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(1) Case of Adenoma Sebaceum in a girl. (2) Case of

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in most cases rightly so. But the danger of forming a too

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filtrated with similar fibro-nuclear growths. He believed that the

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the Results of Abdominal Section performed in the Leicester

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modern requirements, but also their examination methods.

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tance from the affected part, whereas in the case of a sudden onset of

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WOO minims of the pharmacopceial tincture, and no emetic was

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soxmds of pericarditis are readily detected because they seem to be

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nitrates act on muscle tissue we have no absolute evidence

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carry with them a bottle of aromatic spirits of ammonia and take

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There could scarcely be a more impressive illustration on the

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\mllt^?< ^l^*" defervescence and may remain as brownish spots. As te-

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Sjrmptoms. — Diabetes is usually insidious in its onset, the patient

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methremoglobin does not interfere seriously with the power

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boarded at hotel; friends and patients alike absented themselves;

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all over the world. It is a short plump rod, non-motile, and bears

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brance of some severe attack after they partook of it, until they finally

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tion, but only by a bacteriologic examination. A membranous exu-

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and far superior, but more distant, establishment. He re-

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complaint of numbness of the fingers during the first two or

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liad first been noticed at 3J years of age. — Mr. Atkinson : A

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tact with Nature, but by expounding the theories of books.

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Surgeon to the Birmingham General Hospital, and Professor of

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The case now reported seems to be one in which the ques-