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cord. In the sacral region there were no alterations.
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ibdominal cavity there are three wealc situations —
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invitation to all persons interested in charity, and especially in
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cestors. May it not be some such influence as this which
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a gratification each year to see very consideral)lp
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Arteriorrbaphy. By Rudolph Matas, M.D., of New Orleans,
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if either pecuniary rewards or honours should become
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nitis ; a necrosis of the ulcer, so that the stitches had cut
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and conspiracy; that his sins were sins of omission (ne-
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and extended investigation. Tlie difficulties which met
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presence of extreme jaundice, it should be confined
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gangrene of fifteen inches of cecum and ileum after operation for appendi-
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a good deal of sensory disturbance. Partial recovery in
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men operate, hear other men discourse on the latest
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possible, suppuration will ensue as a matter of course,
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eye-strain, an over-worked theory, 466; the legal status of faith-healing,
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if we did not at once take steps to inform the proper author-
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demonstrated that in a considerable number of cases
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against the use of the first two words in the above
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curtains and i)icttire-moldiiij4 existed in inauv of
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grow, as it requires a special media, one containing
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John S. Thatcher, clinical lecturer in medicine, and
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He was graduated from the Medical College of Charles-
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dition of low grade sensibility, to the natural pink
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he has been operated upon twice, four inches of the in-
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in which a certain immunity from diseases of child-
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set free from the aneurism, which had lodged in the
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order to produce sterility of the hands through the
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the congress will be absolutely unintelligible to the
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patient seemed so sick that he was sent at once to the
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specimens was "subacute glomerular (amyloid) nephritis."
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to warn the family of a patient with a tension above
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sion of Parliament." We observe that, at the dinner
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sidered that cancer is not contagious, it is to me an
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ether was give-n by the- family |)hysieMan, usually
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of visceral degenerations, particularly of the cardio-
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brillary twitchings were common enough in states of
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eight in the transverse colon, twelve in the splenic
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be disposed to think that, in the course of time, when
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