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and if given at all, ^ of a grain three times a day is enough to begin with.
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lymphocytosis is due to the stimulation of the lymphoid tissues, the
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adopted by them. At the departure of the occupant the Health Officer should be
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aathenticated. There can be no ground for aocosation of error except in
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Up to a very few years ago the pathology of pelvic inflammation
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develop, if of real value, will be promptly given to us in a
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sane. It is shown that the disturbances are not trans-
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before had had a severe hemorrhage. A bilocular stomach was
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Case II. — Annie L., aged twelve years, was brought to me at the Manhattan
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bases, permeated by uric acid crystals, phosphates, and so on,
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Samuel O. Dorr, H.D., of Buffalo, N. Y., 1875, died at his
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Dr. A. Eddowes :* The most interesting point in the case is the presence
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assuming the most varied forms, but commonly presenting
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These symptoms were apparently due to carbon dioxid poisoning, and
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provements that have enlarged the scope of its service
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every hour, and gave an injection of 6 c. c. antitoxic serum (Mulford's).
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and the density of its vapour is 43. It has 11 degrees of
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