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lubes. Nothing but cellular elements can pass through Henle's loops (diameter 1-1200 to 1-1000 in.); " when,"

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distance between the two styloid processes may be found lessened. The

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dency to spread and are not indurated. They are, like chancroids, pain-

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98. Vegetations on aortic vulves in aortic oljstruction 47!)

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the hemorrhage is arrested and the wound has been cleansed, the con-

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Pseudo-elephantiasis arises from tuberculous conditions and ulcers.

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will remain stationary during the respiratory acts.


usually attended by a mild form of acute laryngeal catarrli.

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Etiology. — Anomalies in the pancreatic juice itself, catarrh of the ducts,

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in it. The natural longitudinal ruga3 of the membrane are effaced, giving

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gastro-duodenal catarrh. Most of the structural diseases of the liver may

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instances, bronchial, and the blood expectorated is arterial in color. When

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men the liver is relieved, and thus the effects of an overtasked or naturally

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an offensive pus. If it opens spontaneously the pus is vomited, swal-

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sufficient quantities to give relief and make the patient comfortable, even

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fruitful as swampy regions in the generation of this poison.

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entire absence of crepitation. Artificial inflation is impossible.

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must be given in doses of from gr. x. to gr. xx. within a period of not

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valves ; and its area of diffusion should be downward and toward the xiphoid

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tonos. So intense may be the opisthotonos that attempts to swallow are

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strangulation occurs oftener in men than in women. It may occur at

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tration, as indicated by subsultus, slipping down in bed, and accompanied

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should be warned of their danger, and the use of stimulants prohibited.

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life of the patient prolonged. For symptoms or complications that demand

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ent ; on the fourth day there is a rapid defervescence ; it is not an inter-

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phere is rarely sufficient to develop the disease in an individual who is in

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Heat is produced by local irritation and by the circulation o\' certain

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by which they can be detected ; but as they enlarge

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of the obstruction, there is usually a history of " bilious colic," and if

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may also happen with the muscles attached to the greater tuberosity.

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The terminations of necrosis, when putrefaction is absent, are :

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Usually the eruption begins to fade upon the fourth day, and by the sixth

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while the person should avoid talking or using the throat as much as

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comes engorged, there is a dark bluish mass surrounding the umbilicus,

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effusions and from abdominal tumors. It may also be caused by extensive

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veoli. The brown or yellow spots are due to old blood extravasations which

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as a diffuse rose or bright red blush about the point of injury, in which a

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there will be periods of normal or subnormal temperature.

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meinen. G. Eichborn, Berlin, 18:33. The history of yelloio fever, with the mast succes^'ul method qf treat"

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