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Dr. Kgbert ll.(irandin, visiting surgeon to the Maternity
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«. The Source of Typhoid Fever. Charles E. Davidson.
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The functional result was remarkably good, there being almost
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[Read 14 lev.] <Compt. rend. Soc. de biol., Par., 9. s., v. 3 (6), 20 fev., pp.
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ture thitt, when communicated, the special poison is derive<l from the
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right of occiput ; an extensive area of extravasated
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flexion being easily obtained, but there was no power of
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15 minutes, and the toxic effect (minimum toxic dose) was produced
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Severe headache and malaise with anorexia. Characteristic general
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ered. In one the cervix sloughed away after the operation.
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strychnin to replace veratrin and we must content ourselves with the
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with 25-ampere arcs where the energy has been projected
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or by a 0.25 per cent, solution of formalin for 6 minutes, or a
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wound cannot fail to act as an irritant to the parts and
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1 ounce of what is called Hydrargirum Cimi Creta, and
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Having considered the membranous matter under all its
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tended, like a pad, above the navel, attended with colic-like pain, doubling
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But it is nevertheless necessary that some precaution
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formula for making palatable castor oil. We are informed that this
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community, and then only under conditions that would preclude the prob-
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of animal, vegetable, telluric and atmospheric origin, we have
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dies have been suggested, but they have all proved ineffectual.
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into the vagina. The condition growing alarming, the
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have no right to infer that they will not arise. Hence every evil must be pro-
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and oxen produce in man the tjenia mediocanellata, or inermis.
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appointed as the committee to confer with the State Medical Society
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Schmidt's "Jahrb.," 1866; Fournier, "L'Union medicale," 1855; Fran-
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cently two Jains of Bombay fasted, one for sixty one the
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where it has its greatest range of motion, that above a certain ])oint, as
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since her confinement). She had been downstairs more than a
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much want and suffering existed in Montreal, this place was
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ations. A few important points in management of in-
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satis&ctorily and smoothly, is the thermometer. As long as the
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ding and clothing, the latter being boiled in such a solution for two hours
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