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not that it is necessary for cure that all should be thus removed,
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because disorders of the nervous, circulatory, and respiratory sys-
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where open sinuses still exist and lead down between the bones. The operation
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examined are not given, and photo-micrographs are not available. The indica-
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aly, being competent to set these causations in motion ? I believe there
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by systemic means as by the removal of mechanical causes.
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noea lessened, improved circulation, return of color to face,
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body for ten or fifteen minutes with flesh brushes.
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recognized and recorded by us during the year in which the disease began. For
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Pathological Character This remarkable affection consists of three
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purpose of reducing inflammation, or in other cases to act as counter-
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5.0 to 5.2, two were of known human type and three of uncertain
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destruction of nerve-tissue would therefore, according to his view, precede
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caused increase of blood pressure, slowing of the pulse, and some-
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posed of five grains of the chloride to the ounce of Iard(/t).
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ters of the alveoli ; they are distinguished from encephaloid by the presence of
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sudden, the symptoms severe, and should not be misleading.
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some extravasations of blood in places, and here and there
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tered, half a grain of morphia, three or four times in the
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The author said that inflammation of the peritoneum in
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on the evening of Februarj' 3, 1911. The abdomen was much distended.
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on which there should be inquests are registered as
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history of medicine : while al>out 400 A.D., Fabiola, a rich Roman
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of the bulb, which can be carried directly into the nares, the
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street ears,, offices, and other poorly ventilated spaces where the risk of
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The symptoms consist in a gradual paralysis of one - half of the
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chronic cerebro-spinal meningitis under his charge, which had been
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dropped, when they again start their cycle. This is the pulsus
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some of the obscure conditions pertaining to cases not
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• stated in his article on "Mosquitoes Considered