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sues affected with leprosy. The bacilli are congregated

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Ireland it must be noted that the authorities are evidently desirous

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and dehydrates the tissues with which it is brought into contact to

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Patliogenesis. Cultures of the bacillus both fresh and old grown both

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had appended to its name the dreaded term itis it was to be

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little increased. The cause of the strengthening of sounds by the speaking

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continued fevers and cachexia the modifications of the action of the

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bites from another horse but which proved to be due to injuries

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migratory powers and pathogenetic characteristics produc

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pneumophonograph laboratory where permanent records of at least

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motion was sometimes continued for several days. When the

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amidst a common general condition has struck me and this is why

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have already been performed there is a large ulcer

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Babinski reflex was present on both sides but was easily

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There yet remains for us to consider where these hallucina

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the character of the condition which is to be dealt with in

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elected Erom each ol the upper classes. At the dinner meetings

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calibre of the American horses as stout racehorses and

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from a chick embryo seven days old extirpated on January

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The function of the teeth in mastication. The func

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against their own chief who should be their natural

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responsible duties. As day is the opposite of night so ia

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was administered in the form of a bolus dose of mg per

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or cystitis or a posterior urethral catarrh resulting

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In keeping a record of cases I find that photography is

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and antilithic properties promise to be useful j but we have not

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the office of president of the Harveian and Quekett Microscopical So

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and on general topics speaking in the most encouraging manner concerning the

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s r mptoms of acute blood poisoning may be developed

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impressing the fundamental proposition that all processes

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