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the Whole on the report of the Discipline Committee be concurred in by the Council.

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advertise in the newspapers ; and the newspapers are, of course, quite ready to give their

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national meeting in London, which he attended, then introduced Dr.

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temperature. Keep the body fairly well exercised and the mind ac-

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The President — Inasmuch as this resolution undertakes to do something that I believe

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stitches will cut through, and the membrane retract in isolated places or around the anus.

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Physicians, social workers, and trained nurses are natural co-

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flexion and extension. In uncomplicated transverse fractures of

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that is, the acts charged were done one year prior to the inquiry being made. The section

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And whereas it is expedient that any member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons

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ency to lethal decay. It would always seem to be secondary to

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been discovered for quinine. It occurred to a certain housewife in East

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the other ; you will always get that symmetrical appearance, you

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case when the interval was once in three years, (Med. Gaz. Lon-

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meeting, while on Friday and Saturday there were medical and surgical clinics

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gave every indication of being a severe and wide-spread infection.

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im])ossible for any member of this Council to have any other opinion than that Dr. Clark

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no attention should be given to the sexual apparatus ; but the

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Given an accident hospital where this man may go with the intent

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confabulation with the associated memory defect so prominent in

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tween the ribs may be obliterated or even bulge from intra-tho-

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extent to which it may be carried with the hope of good results,

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mal metabolic processes and of the abnormal physiology associated with

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precept is acknowled'gedly rapidly coming into its own? It is so

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year of his graduation in medicine, thus making his period of member-

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had benefit from high frequency in ordinary anaemias. I think we should be

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quite exhaustive and called out a very free discussion led by Dr. J. Em-

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operation as a fundamental rule of first importance, practically all

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speech and a widely dilated right pupil. This condition continued

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the Jefferson Hotel, Richmond. Social Rates are to be given to members,

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pressure 100. Abdomen negative. Except that she is exacting of the

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the examination room, see what we are doing and to assist in

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they have to do is to pay their way. It may cost them money ; but I cannot understand

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Principles and Practice of Dermatology. Pusey. $6.00. D. Appleton &

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pictures as these may tend somewhat to neutralize the prejudice of the tin

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stated, it is only to refer to the first meeting of the next Council ; but, I take it, the difficulty

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experiments in 1873 said*. "The discovery of this interesting and

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