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are not very correct as relates to ages and the immediate causes of
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When it be necessary to Use this instrument, it is turned
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the mercury rose six degrees in twenty minutes ; and, in
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take place in the very inception and beginning of the condi-
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wards. The tissues were so woefully " chewed up" that otherwise we
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could not take place while the blood continued circulating ;
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are comprehended in one grand system of natural science,
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readily disappearing under pressure ; coming out successively one
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longest in operation and most generally enforced, there its advantages are
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every physician who appreciates the truths of science, but that its teachings
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facts have been observed by Steno, Lower, Borrachius,
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The nomenclature of the varieties of Cinchona is governed
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men we think we hear this grumbling, while in reality we only feel the
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pulse very feeble, skin cold and clammy, and the hernial tumor
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ably pure atony of the stomach ; (d) malignant stenosis of the
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ward circumstance, and in forty days I removed the splint,
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Thus also did the members of our own profession wander into
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medical student, by teaching him the necessity of a thorough prepara-
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neum in this way the tension on the sutures is materially dimin-
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which is to be added to the extract gradually, with agitation.
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" vital action," (fee, to indicate discoveries yet to be made,
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of the purely inflammatory grade, we may not hesitate to draw
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introduced into their circulation, as the ~ i>st harmless animal
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congrees. In Zygnema quininum the (presumed to ho) first stage,
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matter in that organ. The principal element in tubercle, as
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"After the patient has recovered from this operation, the
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separation has existed for a comparatively long period. — {Virginia
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uterus. M. Barjavel (the father of the author) found, when called to the
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liver oil and without its nauseous taste and smell.